Bandicoot as Gardener’s Best Friend


Bandicoot as Gardener’s Best Friend

Enjoy a well-groomed garden with bandicoots. Bandicoots are the surviving marsupials in Australia that are better known as gardener’s best friend. They cause no long-term damage and are beneficial to lawns and gardens. With a sensitive nose, they can readily sniff out insects, worms, roots and even fungi. These omnivorous pest controllers consume a wide variety of surface and soil dwelling invertebrates, earwigs, cockroaches, grasshoppers, spiders, and relishes adult beetles, beetle larvae, pupae moths, ants and termites.

The larva or scarab beetles commonly known as ‘lawn grubs’ that often give farmers sleepless nights are tackled by bandicoots quite firmly. These grubs feed on grass roots and patches of land. By eating, these leaf eating ‘Christmas beetles’, bandicoots not just protect lawns, but also reduce the beetle population quite significantly.

Like any quiet neighbour, bandicoots don’t usually attract friends or enemies. They only make themselves known when their diggings result in pockmarked lawns and unearthed vegetables. This confirms you with the knowledge that your property is part of the habitat of a native marsupial that helps in keeping pests at bay. This makes living with bandicoots a matter of give and take.

Bandicoot activity, indicated by the appearance of small conical holes in the lawn, is of course a welcome sign, as it means that bandicoots are at work, eating the destructive insects before they ruin your lawn. Their noses are highly sensitive to guide them straight to that spider or worm in its underground hideouts. By digging, the animals are also aerating your lawn for free, so in the spring, your lawn will grow back with renewed vigour. They are protected and are currently under threat due to both habitat loss and predation.

Bandicoots as people – friendly

According to the Department of Environment and Climate change: “bandicoots may treat your garden as a sanctuary from time to time, and you can live in harmony with them if you accompany them in purpose-designed areas. Their small diggings don’t cause any long term damage to lawns, gardens or farmland and in fact you might feel privileged to have these native marsupials visiting. So if you want a pretty garden devoid of any harmful pests, its essential you take proper care of bandicoots. | Resources | Add Links | Privacy | Disclaimer